Business Greeting Cards Software Saves $$$/Time

Business greeting cards have a long tradition attached to them when it comes to Christmas and the holiday seasons, but what about the rest of the year? What about birthday cards, wedding cards, Valentine cards as well as holiday cards? We bet your customers and prospects would like to be remembered on these special days.

With a little knowledge and skill using one of a number of greeting card software programs available, you could easily add to your business’ promotion capabilities and, at the same time, cut your costs if you have a large holiday list of clients and prospective clients that you need to send cards to.

For a wide selection of greeting card software, go to CNET, click on "download" and then key in greeting card software. The website will reveal over 100 programs that might be suitable to your purpose.

Many of the programs listed at CNET offer a short free introduction period in which you can try the software out. Most programs are available for a rather modest sum in the range of $30. There are also suppliers like Avery, the giant office products firm, that offer a wide variety of card stock for your customized cards.

With digital photography and the drop in the price of getting photos processed today, you might consider printing an outstanding photo on one side of the greeting card and your message on the other. You might even consider using one of your own photos if it is good. Using greetings as an effective promotion technique doesn’t stop with greeting cards but extends to voice greetings, letter greetings, email greetings and electronic greetings to name just a few. Further, these programs can be used for post card direct mail promotions that eliminate the trips to and the costs of outside it all on the office printer.

It seems that creating special cards could also be the basis for starting an interesting home-based business.

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