What to Include in a Business Plan Cover Page?

A business plan cover page should the name of the business, address of the business, telephone number, fax number, email address, web site, name of owner and name and address individual or group it was submitted to.

The cover of the document can be as simple or as complex as you like; there is no hard and fast rule. Our advice is to keep is conservative and sober if it is being submitted to a bank for a loan. As your company grows in size and stature within your industry, you can add design elements to the cover page down the road.

Here is a typical layout and information for a cover page:

The XYZ Scuba Diving Co.

2720 North Broadway

Key West, Florida 00000

Telephone: (000) 555-1212

Fax: (000) 5551223

Email: info@ScubaDiveKeyWest.com

URL: www.scubedivekeywest.com


Prepared by

John Smith


Submitted to

KeyWest National Bank

Monroe Place

Key West, Florida 0000o

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