How Can You Improve the Business Security of Your Company?

Small business security is a big and comprehensive issue for even the smallest of firms. The best advice we’ve heard from small business owners who have been around the block a few times is this: “do not put all of your eggs in one basket.” Does that sound obvious and even a little old fashion, like you heard that from Auntie Martha when you were three years old? Nevertheless, it is true.

And, there are a few corollaries to the eggs in a basket rule:

  • Do not have your entire business dependent on the existence of one business location. True, you probably won’t lose the company in a terrorist attack, but the building could burn down, get flooded or be robbed.
  • Do not store all or your valuable records in one location or in one medium. Long ago the demise of paper and the paper office was predicted but it has not happened. Keep your key records on a hard disk with a backup but also keep a hard copy of the material at a different location.
  • Use Gmail or another email program that will let you retain your email mail online, in case your main computer should crash. If you keep your email, or anything else for that matter online, figure out a way to also download a copy. Things happen in cyberspace, just like they do in the real world.
  • Do not store software programs in the same location as the computers on which they run. Store the software at another location in case the computers are damaged or lost in afire or theft.

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