Business Tagline: 9 Tips to Develop One for Your Start-up

In creating an identity for your business, consider the addition of a business tagline that goes after the logo. Your tagline should evoke an image in the minds of your customers and prospects of your business or your service. Check out some of these famous tag lines. What image does each evoke in your mind?

  • American Express…"Don’t Leave Home without It."
  • BMW…"The Ultimate Driving Machine."
  • Clairol…"Does She or Doesn’t She?"
  • Nike…"Just Do It."
  • Lending Tree…"When Banks Compete, You Win."
  • Dell Computer…"Easy as Dell."
  • ClubMed…"The Antidote for Civilization."
  • Capital One…"What’s in Your Wallet?"

9 Tips to Create a Tagline

The tag lines shown above really do evoke images in many people’s minds. Four words from BMW puts you in the driver's seat of a great automobile. American Express opens up a world of possibilities to you--travel and leisure and more. And, of course, Nike’s three words get you out there doing it. Admittedly, these companies have spent untold millions of dollars and thousands of hours of creative work and focus groups to get these taglines just right. But you can come up with a great tag line for your business too by following these 10 tips.

  1. Be unique Hopefully, as you have analyzed your new business idea and market researched it, you have come up with good information about your customers or clients, your products or services and what makes you special. What does make you special? Why should someone buy from you over your competitor? Figure that out; it should be part of your tag line.
  2. Keep it uncomplicated, using the KISS technique. Mentioned elsewhere on these pages is a plea to use the KISS technique in many aspects of your new business. Nowhere is it more important than on your tagline. KISS…Keep It Simple, Stupid! Keep your tag line to seven or eight words or less if possible. Many experts contend, in fact, that if you cannot describe your business in seven or eight words, you might want to rethink it. Calvin Klein is a perfect example. For its perfume: "Between love and madness lies obsession." And for its jeans: "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins."
  3. Keep the message upbeat/affirmative.Keep the message focused on the positive. When you are dealing with a negative, turn that negative into a positive, such as the major negatives overcome by NyQuil…"The Nighttime Sniffing Sneezing Coughing Aching Stuffy Head Fever So You Can Rest Medicine." Wow, let’s throw in a few more negatives, shall we? But it works. One of the oldest tag lines we know of turns a negative into a positive: Morton Salt…When It Rains, It Pours."
  4. Stay benefits focused. Along with staying positive in the message, focus on a benefit of your product or service, such as DeBeers…"Diamonds Are Forever" or Disneyland…"The Happiest Place on Earth." Understand the difference between the benefits and the features of your product or service: when a person goes into a home center to buy a 3/4-inch bit for the electric drill, that person does not want a 3/4-inch bit (feature), they want a 3/4-inch hole (benefit).
  5. Make it something to remember. Try if possible to make the tagline something memorable to those who read it. How about 7-Up’s.."The Uncola" or Bounty…"The Quicker Picker-Upper."
  6. Make sure it is meaningful. That is, make sure that the message applies to your business such as FedEx…"Relax, It’s FedEx" rather than a tagline such as..."Bright worlds, bright tomorrows."
  7. Use your name or brand in the tagline.Try to incorporate your name or brand into the tagline such as “Coca-Cola Refreshes You Best.” Or “Nobody Does Chicken Like KFC.”
  8. Give the message a little spark.  Add your personality or your company’s personality to the tagline such as Lay’s Potato Chips…"Betcha Can’t Eat Just One" or Apple Computer…"Think Outside the Box."
  9. Make it interesting.  How’s this for interesting, even if you are not part of the sport: Harley Davidson…"American by Birth. Rebel by Choice."

As you work on a tagline, you probably won’t be able to incorporate all of the items mentioned here, but incorporate as many as you can. If you have no talent for this, consider brainstorming the idea with others in your company or other talented people that you know.

Websites with Most Popular Tag lines

Here are four websites that contain some of the best tag lines and information on creating taglines. Use them to get ideas for your company but never copy or paraphrase these messages or it could come back to haunt you if one of these companies feels that their trademarks or service markets have been violated.

Tag line Guru

Chomchom Advertising


Brighter Naming

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