Cable Deals Can Save You $$$ When you Bundle TV, internet and Phone Services

There are cable deals and deals from the phone company today that allow you to cut costs by bundling telephone service, an internet connection and possibly a cable TV hookup. You can probably save money by bundling all three from the same carrier.

Many cable TV services have of course gone into the internet connection business and most recently have opted to solicit customers for phone service. Meanwhile, the good, old phone company, which has been selling telephone service forever and internet service for a number of years is pushing hard to sell you cable TV services. Get all three from the same carrier but do not accept the first price. Get prices from both companies and then play one off against the other. It will be to your economic benefit.

We have never liked having all of our business eggs in one basket. While it is a good idea to bundle the services, what happens if the cable goes down and stays down for a week due to an ice storm or another major problem? How does your business function?

We suggest that if you bundle these services, have your cell phone with a different carrier. Why? During 9/11 in parts of the northeast, land line phone service was down or spotty for several weeks. The cell phones worked fine and many businesses went from their land lines to cells to keep things going.

It is the same with the internet connection. If the internet is down due to a major problem, do you have a laptop back up that is internet ready that you can take to a Starbucks to keep up? Naturally, a Blackberry or an IPhone would enable you to keep up as well.

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