Direct Mail Marketing that Will Turn 'Cold Calls' into 'Warm Calls'

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Direct mail marketing and direct mail advertising are highly effective ways to bring in new business, even in this era of the internet. Here is one direct mail marketing technique that, if followed, will likely supply you with more than enough clients for as long as you care to stay in business. As a further benefit, you will never make a “cold call” again, only “warm calls,” the kind we all enjoy.

It’s a big promise, right? But this is an excellent solution and it is easy to set up, it is inexpensive to operate, it is not time consuming and it works! We used this direct mail marketing program in another business over a decade ago that was struggling to find customers. After a couple of months using only this direct mail market technique, the business was in the black.

What’s great about this little plan is that even when business begins to flood in, you can continue to use it to even out the highs and lows of business.

Basic Plan Easy as 1,2,3,4!

The basis of this direct mail marketing program is to send out a couple of marketing letters every day and follow up with a few phone calls each day. That doesn’t sound hard, does it? But, as usual, the devil is in the details.

Here goes:

Develop a customer list and break out that list into 25 names per section. Now print out four sets of address labels with those 25 names and place them in four separate folders labeled Week 1,2,3,4; Now, create four great sales letters based on your marketing research of your customers. Put those four letters into four folders—Letter Folder 1,2,3,4. If you have an article or two that you have written, a small brochure, your business card or anything else you can send with each letter, all the better. For example, let’s say you have started a security systems installation and monitoring business. In your four sales letters you could talk about the need for the systems, citing statistics; talk about how your system works; talk about your 24/7 service; and perhaps use a real life example of how you saved a small business from a big loss. You could incorporate a small brochure as well. This will work for any business you are in.

During the first week of this program, you will mail merge the names and addresses of your 25 prospects with Letter 1. You can mail them all out on Monday, or you can mail out five letters a day. By the end of the week, you will have mailed out letters to all 25 prospects.

During Week 2, you will again mail merge these prospects, but this time with Letter 2 and mail them out. During the third week you will do the same thing with Letter 3 and then Letter 4 during the fourth week. At the end of Letter 4, insert that you will follow up with a phone call the following week.

During the fifth week, call five prospects a day. These will not be your typical "cold calls" because the prospect will be somewhat familiar with you having already received four exposures to you and your company during the previous month. When you include items other than just a letter, it opens the opportunity for dialogue. For example, if the security company mentioned above included a Small Office Security Checklist with the final letter, what a great opening for a phone call.

You can set up your own system for doing this, but we suggest some type of folder system. Naturally, you will not want to make only five phone calls a day on the fifth week of this marketing plan. Therefore, at the beginning of Week 2, you can begin a completely new batch of prospects. Ultimately, by Week 5 you will be sending out 20 letters a day and making five “warm calls.”

If you start a new segment of 25 every week, by the end of the year, you will have personally made 7,250 contacts and made 1,250 "warm calls." Besides landing new customers, a great side benefit is that it took just a little time to do each day and costs were minimal.

The system would look something like this on paper…

Warm Call Direct Mail Marketing Program
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Letter 1 1-25 Prospects Letter 2 1-25 Prospects Letter 3 1-25 Prospects Letter 4 1-25 Prospects 'Warm Call to 1-25 prospects
  Letter 1 26-50 Prospects Letter 2 26-50 Prospects Letter 3 26-50 Prospects Letter 4 26-50 Prospects
    Letter 1 51-75 Prospects Letter 2 51-75 Prospects Letter 3 51-75 Prospects
      Letter 1 76-100 Prospects Letter 2 76-100 Prospects
        Letter 1 101-125 Prospects

During Week 5, the program is running full tilt with 25 warm calls made that week and 100 letters being mailed. In this era of media overkill, experts say that it takes at least five contacts for someone to notice you.

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