Initial Email Marketing Strategy Should Be Caution until Your Learn the Ropes

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Your initial email marketing strategy, if you are entering this form of direct marketing for the first time, should be caution and to learn as you go. Begin with a low-key approach until you understand the process so that you do not unintentionally burn up a lot of sales territory. For more help with this process, click on email direct marketing tool for a list of companies, long experienced in the business, that can help you with the process and the details.

When developing an email marketing strategy, remember there are a huge number of companies on the web today waiting to take your money hawking email solutions of every stripe. But you must be careful because they could get you in trouble with your prospective customers and even your internet provider. There are email lists galore for sale on the internet that assure you that they are “opt-in” lists. These are nothing but rented spam lists, homemade spam lists and targeted spam lists. For your email marketing strategy to work over the long maul, stay away from them.

There is software available too for sale through which you can create your own email lists of spam and launch your email marketing strategy, although they do not came them that. This too is nothing more than spam. This software will go to websites and grab email addresses, follow links and grab more email lists. In a matter of moments, you will have thousands of email addresses. The problem is, did anyone of these people give you their email addresses? Did they ask to receive your materials? No!

How to you Create an Email List?

A good, reliable email list usually takes time to build, just like the business you wish to start. It is possible for you to offer a great product or service and through the magic of viral marketing, you come up with a fabulous email in no time. For the rest of us, however, it takes time. For example, you can create a web site and create a subscription list for people to subscribe to your newsletter. You can also advertise on someone else’s email newsletter or website and develop your own following fairly quickly.

But what do you do if you want to launch an email direct marketing strategy quickly? Perhaps to send out:

  • email newsletter
  • email promotion
  • email press releases
  • email event invitation
  • online surveys

An effective way to handle this is to begin by using the services of firms such as PRWEB or some of the scores of “free” press release services that inhabit the web. We've used PRWEB and it is a well-established service that delivers what it promises. Through these services you can get information out to on your company to vast numbers of people at a quite low cost--much lower than through the postal service.

There are numerous ways you can use such a service to establish your own opt-in email list. One effective way is to offer something valuable to your audience. Let’s say you will open a distributorship that supplies emergency equipment to various first-responder organizations around the county. You could develop a valuable "First Responders Checklist." You might announced the availability of this checklist in a press announcement and invite people to email you for their own copy.

Once you begin getting requests for this checklist, you can invite those who are responding to send emails to their friends and associates to also get a copy of the checklist. If you could create an interesting enough document, you could develop a fabulous opt-in list of first responders across the country in no time through viral marketing. Check out a company like SimplyCast. Its “forward to a friend” link encourages word of mouth advertising and the passing on of your message to others by email.

Glossary of Terms

Viral MarketingDo you know how one person sneezes and everyone in the building catches the flu? Viral marketing works similarly to a virus in that through word of mouth, a good idea, product, concept is passed on. If you have a good idea or offering and pass it on to only a few people who see the importance of it, your concept could get out to the world geometrically!

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