You Can Save Money Using Free Conference Call Services

The free conference call is another way for new businesses and established companies to cut way down on the phone bill. In the not-too-distant past, getting a few participants on a conference call cost a pretty penny but not anymore! Even if your teleconferencing needs numbers just one conference call, you will save money.

The services offered today are not "free trial" versions but free services. There are a number of providers on the web and you can compare the various free conference call services they offer and pick the best one for you. These conferencing services will save you the cost of that big telephone bill, it is convenient, can handle a large number of people on the call, works on your phone lines, set up is easy, the phone services work well and, best of all, is totally free!

If you have a diverse group of employees, vendors or customers with whom you speak and you have never been a big user of conference calls because of the high cost, these free services could work as a communications bridge for you at no cost to get in better touch and stay in better touch. One building contractor we interviewed, who was sick and tired of having one subcontractor blame construction delays on another sub during his individual phone calls to subs, uses a free service to get them all on the line at once where it is harder to play the blame game.

The services are available 24/7 and typically there is no need to schedule the conference call, as the telephone company requires.

One prominent service in this area that we like is but there are other good ones as well and you should find the best one for your purposes. Here is how the website suggests that you use the service:

  • regional/national sales meetings,
  • new product training/launches,
  • multi-vendor conferences,
  • project management team meetings,
  • cross functional/divisional meetings,
  • crisis response meetings,
  • teaching/educational seminars,
  • motivational seminars,
  • school group/organization meetings,
  • sports teams meetings,
  • distributing anonymous phone numbers to your online friends,
  • family reunions, and
  • religious/bible study groups.

Signing up for the service is simple and easy and requires just your name and email address. You could use the sign up as a trail to test different services if you wish. You will receive an email with further instructions.

When using the service, you need to contact your participants as to the date, time, dial-in number, and access code. All participants then need to use the same access code and dial in numbers. The conference call services take no responsibility for toll calls to the conference center from international calls like the UK to the U.S.,for example, or long distance calls from Utah to a call center a 1,000 miles away as another example. Participants may be charged a fee by their long distance carriers for toll calls to the conference centers. But the conference call itself is free.

These services also offer a variety of other free and paid services. Naturally, by using the free service the companies hope you will also use the paid services as your conferencing needs expand and as your company grows. Many services will optionally tape the conference calls and provide transcription services at a cost. Services with 800 numbers can also be set up.

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