Use an Internet Fax Service to Lower Monthly Fax Bills

Consider internet fax as a way to cut costs. The fax machine is so…so yesterday, except that most small businesses still need to keep it for that occasional fax that comes in from a client or goes out to a client or a government agency. Besides, the fax number is on many a business cards and the stationery, so you have to keep it and collect the daily fax blasts that come through for credit card and home refinancing companies.

A small business we know of was spending about $80 a month on the fax phone line and more when they actually had to send a number of faxes out. That has all changed now because they have an internet fax service for a minimal $10 a month. MyFax will "port" your current fax number if it is at all possible and in most areas there is no reason why that cannot happen.

Now, if there is a fax, it comes via email with an attached file. That attached file is the sent fax. If there are annoying people sending you faxes, tell MyFax and it will make quick work of them and you will never hear from them again. MyFax also has a dashboard for sending faxes.

The small company we know of simply hooked up its existing fax line to the main telephone line and set it on "manual" answer so that it does not start up when they are receiving a phone call. When they have a fax to send, they can do it in the old fashion way but the fax will go out over your main line to the recipient's fax line.

The company started this three years ago. It estimates that it has saved $70 a month for 36 months, which is a savings of $2520 for that time period. It took the company just under 30 minutes to set up the system.

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