Turn Your Cell Phone into a Land Line When in the Office

As a small or home-based business owner, you may have cut the cord to your business land line and use your cell phone as your primary business phone. When you are in the office, however, you can forward calls from your cell phone to your home phone and get better reception when talking with clients. It is a simple code that you key in and it saves the cost of a traditional office phone in addition to your cell phone.

When a call comes over the cell, it will be forwarded to the land phone and when you answer it, it will have the quality and tone of a traditional phone, not a cell phone.

When you will be out on the road, you can take calls as usual.In fact, with the great IPhones and Blackberries on the market today, you can purchase one of these nifty technological devices and have your office with you at all times. With a well-equipped laptop or mini computer, you can literally do business anywhere today without fear of missing something at the office when you are away for a few days or longer.

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