Letterhead Templates Can Help Keep Design Costs Low

Letterhead templates and samples on the internet offer the new or ongoing business both a great deal of flexibility when it comes to designing and printing business stationery and related materials.

Naturally, you can get it produced the traditional way, which is to hire a graphics designer to create the design and layout for letterhead paper, envelopes, business cards, invoices, mailing labels, CB labels, memo sheets and more. Then you take that design to a printer who will typically furnish you with everything you want in increments of 500 or 1,000. Unfortunately, you pay a pretty penny for all this material in full and in advance of using it. With the advent of letterhead templates and templates for virtually everything else you need to produce, you can cut costs substantially.

Today, of course, you can get those same designs from your designer and install them on your computer and print out your own letterhead and anything else as you need it. This more modern method really makes more and more sense when so much of our correspondence is going out by email anyway. Of course, you have to have a decent quality color printer to produce these materials, unless your letterhead is all black type.

Tips on Designing Business Letterhead

Whether or not you plan to use a traditional print shop for producing your letterhead and related materials, stop by at a local printer to see what he or she has too offer, to look at their samples and to get a mini-education on printing business materials. Even if you decide to print your materials right from your desktop printer, you may wind up buying paper, envelopes and labels from the print shop.

In selecting paper upon which to print your letterhead, you will purchase it in reams of paper, which are 500-sheet packages of paper. The paper is described in terms of bond paper. Bond paper is durable, strong and opaque and used for writing, typing, photocopying and printing. It is available in “weights” of 13 pounds on up. Some of the paper contains a rag content that gives it added strength, texture and look and feel. An excellent website for the latest information on paper and paper stocks is Desktop Supplies.

One way paper is described is by its brightness. Most of the paper we buy uses either the U.S. scale (Tappi) or the European scale (ISO). The brightness scale would compare as follows: Tappi/ISO: 92/104, 96/107-108. 97/109, 98/110-111, 100/112.

Paper is also classified as environmentally friendly. There are numerous groups that certify paper as being environmentally friendly. One is The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which is a non-profit organization that encourages responsible management of the forests of the world. The group sets a very high standard and "FSC certified paper" will appear on some brands that you purchase.

Recycled paper. There are some myths about recycled paper left over from the last century. Recycled paper does contain post-consumer content (recycled paper) but it is not necessarily of poor quality nor does it lack brightness. Recycled paper does not cost less than other papers because there is a good deal of processing needed in order to use it.

Sometimes you will also see that paper is “Acid Free.” This means that the paper can be safely stored without turning yellow. They call this paper "archive safe."

Here are Key Tips to Design Your Letterhead Paper

  • Select Paper Color
  • Select Paper Quality
  • Select Paper Weight
  • Chose Ink Colors for Paper
  • Decide on Inclusion of Logo or Not
  • Select Layout Style, Choose from
    • Classic
    • Modern
    • Artsy
  • What Do You Need to Include on the Letterhead?
    • Business Address
    • Post Office Box Address
    • Home Address
    • Professional Affiliations
  • What About Telephone Numbers?
    • Office Phone
    • Home Phone
    • Cell Phone
    • Weekends Number
    • Voice Mail Only
    • Fax Number
  • What About Email Address
  • What About Company Tag Line
  • What About Continuation Pages?
    • Blank Printed
  • Text Styles (Large Selection) Including
    • Times Roman
    • Arial
    • Courier
    • Verdana
    • Gill Sans
  • Should Text Be in?
    • Bold
    • CAPS
    • Upper and Lower Caps
    • Initial caps
    Websites To Learn More About Letterhead Templates

    PaperDirect offers a huge number of blank and pre-printed materials and is worth a visit.

    Prints Made Easy is a good informational site where you can fill your printing needs or simply learn more about what you do need.

    HP offers terrific information at this location and will assist you in picking out the letterhead template that you need.

    Microsoft in its typical fashion has approximately 70 letterhead templates on display for all types of uses. These letterhead templates can be speedily downloaded, revised and used as your own letterhead. Microsoft letterhead templates come in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Quark, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Corel Draw, Microsoft Mac Word and Apple IWork Pages.

    Stock Layouts is another good website to look at for letterhead templates and ideas.

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