Make Business Cards Free with Software You Can Download

You can make business cards free, thanks to business software and hundreds of websites that literally hold your hand each step of the way. While you can design your business cards at various websites and then have the cards printed and shipped to you, another popular way is to download software and "do it yourself" right in the comfort of your office.

The large office products supplier, Avery (, offers many innovative products to help you along. One of the drawbacks of printing business cards yourself has been that telltale edge that they have that makes them look like you have just printed them out yourself and then ripped them down into individual cards, which of course you have. Now Avery has a process called Clean Edge, which gives the edges of your office printed business cards a better, cleaner look.

For a wide selection of software, go to CNET is one of our favorite websites and it will soon become one of your favorites because it is so useful. If you go to CNET, click on "download" and then type in "business cards," it will return scores of business software programs to help you create your business cards. One such program is Business Card Designer Plus It received a high editor’s rating at CNET and many CNET visitors have downloaded this program. It looks as though over 500,000 people downloaded it in the first couple of months that CNET offered it. Quite a ringing endorsement, we'd say. Typically with this type of software program, it offers many generic templates that you can customized to suit your needs. There is a 15-day free trial to make sure you like it. There is a watermark on the printed design during the trial period. The program costs $29.95 to buy and the watermark disappears when you key in your paid for license. Many of these companies will also offer free shipping and send you a CD, once you decide to buy the program.

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