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You need to generate new marketing tips and ideas almost constantly because for the small business entrepreneur, the home-based business and the start-up, marketing is a close contact sport that is a constant challenge. At larger firms, there are specialized departments and outside consultants and agencies to handle marketing. At the small firm, it is all in the lap of the entrepreneur.

Look for Marketing Tips and Ideas Everywhere

Small business marketing is everything you do to bring your product or service together with your customer. Become marketing tips and ideas aware so that a piece of you is always on the lookout for new ideas you can incorporate into your plans for the internet, direct mail, good articles submissions, affiliate marketing, free tips, clever email ideas you might find in your own in-box, postcard mailers, viral marketing tips, network, website, and other powerful and creative ideas.

Study your market and your competition for "secret" marketing strategies. Well, they may not be a secret, but your competition could be doing something clever with blog marketing, sales marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, niche marketing, or an innovative sales and marketing strategy.

Don’t simply focus on the competition. One field we always like to look to for great ideas is the real estate business. It has been slammed and battered and then slammed some more but at the first sign that people are buying houses, clever real estate marketing will come roaring back. How many of us took virtual tours in and through houses before buying them in years past? How many vacation home buyers and renters went on a virtual tour around the property and down to the seaside before deciding on a house. These are smart people. Another group that has been hammered but will return with lightening speed are mortgage companies and banks offering great terms through their friendly loan officers. They too are clever marketers to watch as are some law firms and insurance companies.

If you are about to start a business, have a startup underway or are planning to launch your small business in the near future, here are some marketing ideas you might want to consider implementing within your whole marketing plan.

  • Write articles for as many editorial outlets as possible including online markets as well as the print media. No good at writing? Hire a freelancer. Once you publish an article somewhere, send reprints to your entire promotion list with a letter outlining your products or services. Publishing gives you credibility.
  • If you are way too busy to slave away at a hot word processor, simply keep an eye out for interesting ideas, tips and techniques as you surf the web. When you come across a good article, get permission from the publisher and then make reprints or copies of it to send to your customers and prospects.
  • Consider a weekly email campaign whereby you send your potential customers or clients relevant materials on your products or services. For example, let’s say you are a consultant that works at protecting companies from computer viruses. Articles or statistics on companies that have had their security compromised will make scary reading but also convince prospects to use your services. This could work in 100 different industries.
  • Never, never let a day go past without engaging in at least one marketing program, no matter how busy you are. Many a small company in almost every field drop marketing when they get busy. Consequently, when current business is completed or ends, there is a dry spell before you are able to attract new customers. Keep marketing going constantly. Treat your company’s marketing like your personal exercise is something you need to do every day.

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