Is Microsoft Accounting Software Easy to Install and Get Around in?

Microsoft Accounting Software is integrated with Microsoft’s Office Suite therefore, if you use the company’s other products, this one will already have a certain familiarity to you. Microsoft Accounting Software is an excellent, clean program that is easy to get around in. Microsoft Accounting Software helps you organize all of your business information in one place so that you can make better, quicker business decisions. Microsoft says that through an expanded set of reports, you can get tax preparation reports, and view upcoming bills to pay that can be paid right from your desktop, saving you time.

The software keeps all of your financial data and business information in one place, enabling you to easily find the information you need to make better-informed business decisions.

Here are a couple of the features of Microsoft Accounting Software:

  • Use the company home page to get a snapshot view of your company’s fiscal health, critical tasks, and reminders — all on one screen.
  • Use the Cash Flow Analyzer to help you easily manage and forecast your financial situation.
  • Take advantage of an expanded set of more than 90 customizable reports that help you gain insight into all aspects of your business. Tailor the reports to meet your specific business needs. New reports for 2009 include:
    • Today’s Sales by Customer
    • YTD Sales Compared to Last Year
    • YTD Profit Compared to Last Year
    • Most Profitable Customers
    • Open Invoices by Due Date
    • Today’s Vendor Payments
    • Amounts Due to Vendors
    • Un-deposited Funds Collected Today
    • Inventory Items with Negative Balances
    • Most Profitable Items
    • Sales Tax Collected This Quarter
    • Balance Sheet – Cash Basis
    • Profit and Loss – Cash Basis
    • Transaction Detail by Account – Cash Basis
    • GL Report – Cash Basis
    • Sales Tax Liability – Cash Basis
    • Transaction Detail by Tax Code – Cash Basis
    • Sales by Customer Summary – Cash Basis
    • Sales by Customer Detail – Cash Basis
    • Sales by Item Summary – Cash Basis
    • Sales by Item Detail – Cash Basis
    • Budget for Profit and Loss – Cash Basis
    • Online Sales by Customer Summary- Cash Basis
    • Online Sales by Item Summary – Cash Basis

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