Make an Office Investment; Enjoy Tax, Appreciation Potential

An office investment is a great alternative to leasing space, if you can afford it. Naturally, to buy real estate requires substantially more money down than leasing office space. The choice of space is usually substantial including business condos and entire buildings. The key advantage of buying rather than leasing is that although you are certainly expending money on the space, you are paying off a mortgage loan if you have one, enjoying numerous tax and other benefits and perhaps long-term appreciation on the real estate asset. There is also a certain satisfaction with an office investment in not turning that cash over to the landlord on a monthly basis.

If you are selling a business asset, check with your financial advisor to see if you would qualify for a 1031 exchange. Further, if you have the financial backing, right now would be a great time to buy a property at a discount.

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Commercial Lease Terms

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