Should You Consider an Office Sublease Rather than Committing to a Long-Term Office Lease?

Office DeskAn office sublease is another option to look for and evaluate. In the current economy, there is plenty of sublease commercial office space available everywhere with companies willing to make a very good deal on it. Typically, this is space that becomes available because a business that committed to an office lease for five or more years has had to reduce employee head count and has space available. What is exciting about this type of space is that it often comes with office furniture and other office accessories right in place. One group we know of took sublease space, showed up for work the next day, cellphone in hand, and were in business. It gives new meaning to the word virtual office!

If you are not experienced with the commercial lease end of real estate, and many a new entrepreneur is not, don’t go into a deal on office sublease space, or any leased space for that matter, without the assistance of a tenant representative real estate broker. What many people do not realize is that in the world of real estate, that friendly broker that is taking you around to look at houses or commercial office space is working for the owner, not you! If you hire a tenant representative broker, that broker is working for you. As one company owner who swears by tenant representative brokers put it, "I want someone with 20 years experience leasing space to work for me, not the owner."

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