Create Opt Email Marketing List; then Handle with Care!

Here are the steps for developing a good opt email marketing  list or opt-in list.

  1. Create a landing page. Before you begin nurturing your email list, you have to get people to sign up to our list. The best way to do that is to create a landing page.  Perhaps you might offer your website or store visitors a free ebook for signing up.
  2.  Determine who you want on your email list. Your first response might be "everyone" because you never know who will buy your XYZ product. In this case, you might consider creating a segmented email list, perhaps a list of so called "tire-kickers" who have never bought anything from you and your return buyers, a quite valuable list. Those return buyers are golden and they deserve your utmost respect, time and care. Let’s say that you own a ski shop and you yourself are an avid skier. You sell a lot of products through your brick and mortar store and also through your website. You have people signing up for your email newsletter continuously. For the tire-kickers you will want to communicate with them about your product line and perhaps the benefits of using certain products. For your special list, you may detail for them the pros and cons of the most technologically advanced ski boots that you yourself have tested on the slopes as well as gotten feedback from five of your best customers who also bought the boots and tested them. This is great stuff to communicate to your repeat customers. This is real insider information. As we mention on the Vertical Email Marketing page, you are not merely selling product to these people; you are solving problems. That puts you in a whole different category.
  3. Focus obsessively on these customers. Solve their problems, give them the best intelligence you have on products and places to ski. 
  4. Take extreme care with communicating with your top client list. Handle with care; handle this yourself or if you hire a copywriter, CHECK ALL OF THE COPY ALL OF THE TIME. The last thing you want is for your list to get an email with some silly niche keywords thrown in helter-skelter. Keep to a bare minimum the number of people who have access to this list.
  5. ADSC!!!--Always Deliver Strong Content. Don’t worry so much about an elegantly designed email marketing piece or newsletter. When was the last time you opened a newsletter that asked you whether or not you wanted to download photos and other materials when all you wanted was to catch up on the first three or four paragraphs—the content; the latest trends...the great, new ski boots.
  6. Make sure what you have is worth selling to your repeat buyer list. For your general email list, an email detailing the latest products, specials or coupons might be fine. When you are commicating with your special list, have something special to say. Always remember: with this list, you are no longer selling products or services to them, you are the trusted adviser selling solutions. So have solutions to sell.