What Small Business Options Does Peachtree Accounting Solutions Offer?

Peachtree Accounting Solutions by Sage offers a number of options in its software that small businesses will find attractive.

  • Peachtree Pro: This Peachtree Accounting software package helps to improve small business productivity with standard accounting features that automate invoices, checks, and track employee payroll. The package provides 100 plus reports and financial statements so that you can create budgets, tract sales, inventory and expenses and record customer payments.
  • Peachtree complete: This package contains over 125 customizable business reports and financial statements. It combines core robust accounting with features like time and billing, analysis tools, job costing and in depth inventory capabilities. The packages offers a multi-user option that helps improve productivity while providing control over who has access to data.
  • Peachtree Premium: The firm’s premium edition definitely is not for the start up company but as you grow you might want to consider it. It has premium features like multi-company consolidations, advanced budgeting, serialized inventory and Crystal Reports®. It has 140 plus customizable reports and financial statements.
  • Peachtree Quantum: The company boasts that its Quantum package is a top of the line accounting solution that will support 10, 15,20,30 or 40 licensed, named users and offers advanced security and order tracking settings.
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