Use One of the Prepaid Wireless Plans to Cut Your Cell Phone Costs

Have you ever thought of using one of the many prepaid wireless plans rather than the cell phone plan you probably have right now? Depending on your daily or monthly usage, it could cut your costs, especially if your cell phone is a back-up for you. Check out your plan and usage for the last three months. Did you use up all of your minutes that you had coming? Could you have used less minutes or more minutes? Importantly, did you use the phone every day? If you have used less minutes than your plan allows and if you do not use the cell phone everyday, you should look into a prepaid plan. All of the majors offer prepaid cellular plans including Verizon, Cingular, ATT, Nextel, Sprint and others that you can compare.

We looked into Verizon prepaid wireless phone service and we liked what we saw from a cost-saving standpoint. Currently, Verizon has four prepaid wireless plans:

The first is called Unlimited Talk. If you use the phone on a particular day, your prepaid account will be billed $3.99. For that amount, you receive unlimited talk, unlimited mobile to mobile calling, unlimited nights and weekends and 1 cent per minute on text messaging. Naturally, if you used the phone every day, that plan would be uneconomical for you. However, if you were out of the office one day a week and literally hung on your phone all day long, that plan could be remarkably economical for you. Verizon offers a Plus Plan, a Core Plan, and a Basic Plan. The Basic Plan is quite simple: $.25 cents per minute of use and 20 cents per minute for text messaging. The benefit is that you do not have to pay a daily access rate. Remember, Verizon’s daily access rate is only applied on days that the phone is used.

Verizon also offers several refill options. If you only refill with $15-$29.99, you must use up that money within 30 days. If you refill your account with $100 or more, you have a whole year to use up that money. These companies also offer prepaid phone cards.

If you only use your cell phone in the event of an emergency or to call into the office once or twice a day, you could cut your cell phone costs dramatically, perhaps to $100 a year. If you are now paying $60 a month, your yearly cell phone bill is $720. Your 10-year cell phone bill is $7200. By switching to a prepaid plan, you could cut your yearly total to $100, which comes out to about $8 a month!

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