Are There SBA Grants Available for Small Business?

SBA grants for small business! It is a topic that comes up in many conversations but the reality is there are no grant programs for small businesses that will help start or expand a small business. Further, the SBA does not distribute money directly to small business, except in the case of disaster loans.

Typically, the SBA will work through conventional lenders and guaranty a loan to a small business. Typically, the small business has to apply to a bank for a conventional business loan. The bank will then decide to make or reject the loan. If the loan is rejected or does not quite live up to what the bank is looking for, it might work with the small business in applying for an SBA-backed loan. Some businesses have been contacted regarding SBA programs involving grants but these are scams and should be ignored and reported to the proper authorities.

The grant programs that the agency has are designed to expand or enhance organizations, generally non-profit organizations that provide small business management help, technical support or financial assistance.

The SBA does have on its website, however, an entire page of government grant programs in which you may be interested. These are typically grants from other government agencies. Click here to find out more information on various government grant programs.

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