Does Simply Accounting Offer an Inexpensive Version of ‘First Step’?

Simply Accounting by Sage is the full-featured, accounting software for small businesses that offers an entry level and more advanced programs that boast of quick setup, ease-of-use, and good functionality. Sage offers versions from its First Step all the way up to its Enterprise 2009. First Step 2009 should be of interest to new start ups because it helps small businesses that don't require complex calculations or payroll services to start their accounting quickly and easily. The company is from Canada but makes software for both Canada and the U.S.

Simply Accounting by Sage First Step 2009 is for small businesses without a lot of complex calculations to deal with or payroll services. The company says: Set up can be done in two easy steps and no accounting software experience is needed. First Step has the tools you need, including a full-time audit trail to help ensure accounting integrity, and none of the accounting jargon.

Simply Accounting by Sage Pro 2009 accelerates your business with professional accounting and management tools, according to the company. Here is some of what it does:

  • tracks revenue and expenses, inventory, budgeting
  • calculates and pays GST/HST and PST/QST
  • prepares invoices
  • pays bills
  • generates meaningful reports quickly
  • can process payroll in-house

Simply Accounting by Sage Premium 2009 with advanced accounting and sales analysis tools:

  • tracks time
  • coordinates projects
  • creates customized reports, budgets, and forecasts
  • supports an unlimited number of currencies
  • integrates with Microsoft® Office
  • offers specialized features for service, manufacturing, and inventory-based companies, including storing, transferring, and tracking inventory in multiple locations

Simply Accounting by Sage Enterprise 2009 is the 5- and 10- user edition and helps established businesses boost productivity. Among the numerous features are: multi-user capability, role-based security settings, and serialized inventory.

Simply Accounting Accountant’s Edition 2009: This is the accountant’s edition, a comprehensive, multi-user solution for accountants whose clients use Simply Accounting.

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