Why is Small Business Marketing Critical to My Startup?

The definition of marketing or small business marketing in its most simple form is all of the activities and strategies you undertake to make your products or services available to your potential customers in the hope that they will buy from you in large enough quantities to allow the business to achieve healthy profits and flourish.

small business marketing

In essence, successful small business marketing is a win-win for both the customer and you, the product or service provider: the customer satisfies his or her wants or needs with the product or service and the company makes a profit, which allows it to continue offering this in-demand product or service to existing and new customers to satisfy even more needs.

Often, however, an entrepreneur, new to the business world, will try to produce a product or service that he or she wants to produce instead of producing the product or service that the customer wants to buy in large enough numbers for the entrepreneur to make a healthy profit.

It certainly is true that you can take a hobby that you love and try to turn it into a business. In that case, it may not be important to you if you make a profit or not. However, if your intention is to go into business and make a profit, you must produce a product or service that is in demand by enough potential customers so that you can make a profit.

In this day and age with the internet, many a small business that never had a chance to flourish in a bricks and mortar environment can find an audience today. If you can reach a wide enough market on the internet, even a quite small niche has a chance to make it.


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