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Are you about to start a business? This blog furnishes you with answers to frequently asked questions on starting and running a small business. These answers are based on interviews conducted by the editors of this website with over 10,000 successful small business owners.

Small business startup checklists

Small business startup checklists offers you a series of key checklists to get your business up and running and profitable in the smallest amonut of time.

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How To Start a Business

How to start a business includes big decisions you need to make that will impact your success including what business structure to use, organizational details and marketing plans.

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Business Resources in 50 States

There is a huge amount of business know-how on the web pages of the 50 states. Click here to learn about business in your state.

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Small Business Accounting Software

Small business accounting software that you will select for your business is a critical early decision that you must make to get your start-up properly launched.

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Business Insurance

There's a lot more to buying business insurance than meets the eye. Get the help of a knowledgeable independent insurance agent to make the right choices.

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Ergonomics Definition

Ergonomics definition--Ergonomics is an applied science that deals with designing and arranging things in a manner where it is easier and safer for people to use.

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Business Owners Policy

Business Owners Poilcy: For home business insurance or small business insurance, few if any insurance options beat the Business Owners policy or simply BOP.

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Business Greeting Cards

Business greeting cards software can cut your promotion costs and help you customize your message.

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Create a Logo for Your New Company

When you create a logo for your new company, keep in mind that the logo will likely be in use for many years. Therefore, do not skimp on the creativity you apply to get the logo just right.

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Letterhead Templates and Samples

Letterhead templates and samples give the entrepreneur many choices in letterhead design and can help hold costs to a minimum.

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Business Identity

Your business identity begins in the business pre-planning process and is a critical part of everything you will do to sell your product or service and attract customers on an ongoing basis.

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Business Tagline

In developing an identity for your new business, consider developing a distinctive tagline along with a unique logo.

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"Start a business tips, FAQs, bullet points, and how-to's"

Start a business FAQs, tips and how-to's to launch your new enterprise.

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Professional Corporation

Professional corporation--It is a business structure authorized by states for a limited number of licensed professionals.

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Nonprofit Corporation

Nonprofit corporation--It is formed for civic, educational, charitable and religious purposes and enjoy a tax exempt status and limited liability.

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Forming an S Corporation

Forming an S Corporation offers tax advantages and limited liability, which some small businesses consider the best of both worlds. There are pros and cons for you to consider.

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NAICS Code: If you are ready to start a business, you need to determine what your NAICS Code is. NAICS Codes replace the old SIC Codes.

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What Does LLC Mean

What Does LLC Mean?--LLC or a Llimited liability Company has both characteristics of a partnership and characteristics of a corporation.

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Sole Proprietorship

Sole proprietorship is probably the oldest form of business ownership. It is one of the simplest to set up and operate.

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The Partnership can be created about as easily as a sole proprietorship, but be cautious with whom you go into business.

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Limited Liability Partnership

The Limited Liability Partnership or LLP is forrmed to protect individual partners from personal liability for the negligent acts of other partners or employees not under their direct control.

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Incorporate Your Business

Incorporate your business? It could offer you considerable advantages. Determine the best structure for your business in consultation with your lawyer.

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Business Financial Plan

Business financial plan needs to include a business financial plan, which means you have to provide financial statements of various types.

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Marketing with Business Cards

"Business cards at there most basic level are exchanged with others, but If that is all you are doing with yours, you are missing an effective marketing tool."

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First Steps to Launch Business

Once you have made the decision to start a business, here are the first steps you need to take to get it off of the launching pad.

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Online Business Opportunity

When it comes to online business opportunity, the world is your oyster!

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PLLC or Professional Limited Liabilty Company

PLLC or Professional Limited Liability Company is a limited liability company made up exclusively of licensed professionals.

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Site Map

Site Map of Everything you need to launch your new business.

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SBA grants

While an SBA grants program for small businesses is non-existent, it can offer small businesses a variety of other options including a list of grants programs elsewhere in the federal government.

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The Basics of SBA Loans

SBA loans, or Small Business Administration loans come in many shapes and sizes and one might be right for your business.

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