Get a VOIP Telephone (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to Cut Your Business Phone Costs

The VOIP telephone, which is also known as voice over IP, can be a solution to high telephone expenses. VOIP service providers drastically cut your telephone expenses over the traditional phone company. VOIP is telephone service over the internet. You need to have the technology to be connected to the internet through high speed internet modem equipment to take advantage of VOIP. Some VOIP systems can be had virtually free; others cost a few dollars a month.

Many companies are today offering the service for one low price for local and long distance calling. In years past, it was not unusual for even quite small companies to spend several hundred dollars a month on telephone service when all of the taxes and fees and the cost of the telephone were added up. Not anymore! Thanks to competition from cable TV providers, you can get local and unlimited long distance phone calls for around $30 per month per phone or a lot less.

Make sure you take advantage of this potential savings. Only a few years ago, there were complaints about the cable telephone connections. They dropped voice and sometimes offered spotty service. Small companies we have interviewed have all made the switch and are extremely pleased with the service and with the low prices. Here are the typical savings. A small company owner had a high-speed internet connection in her office plus a cable TV hookup so that she could monitor the financial news on CNBC throughout the day. That cost her about $80 a month. Meanwhile, her office business phone cost her around $80 a month if she did not use it at all--that was phone charges, taxes, etc. She made about $120 in regional and long distance calls a month on a typical month. Thus, her phone bill for that line was $200 a month. She switched that line, she ported it to the cable company. Her entire phone bill is now $29.95 a month. Before, cable and phone costs were $280 a month. Now the combined total is $109.95 a month. That is a savings of $170.95 a month. That is a savings of $2,000 a year or $20,000 over 10 years!

There small business experts who are urging people to cut the telephone cord altogether to the land line and use only the cell phone as the business phone. This could certainly work but the problem is that people can almost always tell when you are on a cell phone. One small business person we knew took a call from a prospective client on the cell phone/company phone. At the end of the conversation, the prospective client said to the business person, "obviously I have reached you on your cell phone. What is the main telephone number at your company." The business owner replied: "This is the main telephone number."

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